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Our services for registrants
Our services for registrants

You must be registered with the Education Workforce Council (EWC) to work as an education practitioner in Wales. Once you are registered, you can access a range of additional services.

Professional Learning Passport (PLP)

The PLP is the ultimate platform for your professional learning. You can use it to record and reflect on your professional development by uploading documents, videos, presentations, and audio files as you progress through your career. You can also share best practice with colleagues. To access the PLP, simply log in to your MyEWC account.

Education research tool - EBSCO

EBSCO is an online gateway to a wealth of academic education journals, papers, and e-books available for free. To access EBSCO, simply log in to your MyEWC account.

Presentations and events

We are happy to organise presentations at your workplace. Popular topics include the PLP, the Code, workforce data, and our fitness to practise work.

We also hold free events such as our annual lecture Professionally Speaking, annual Masterclasses, and policy briefings.

Support and guidance

We have published a series of good practice guides to complement our Code of Professional Conduct and Practice. They cover a range of subjects, from leadership to tackling racism.

Stay in touch and get involved

We issue an e-newsletter (MyEWC News) for all registrants every term, so make sure we have an up to date email address for you. You can make sure that your details are up to date by logging in to MyEWC. We also share information about upcoming events on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so make sure you follow us.