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Meddwl Mawr

Engaging with research can play an important role in helping you develop your own ideas and practice as an education professional. That’s why we’ve started Meddwl Mawr, a book and journal club designed to support you on your professional learning journey.

We’ll be publishing regular recommendations on this page covering a range of interesting topics, pointing you to some of the great content available on your free online library.

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Your recommendations

February 2024

Celebrating Difference: A whole-school approach to LGBT+ inclusion by Shaun Dellenty

Celebrating Difference: A whole-school approach to LGBT+ inclusion by Shaun Dellenty book image

Shaun Dellenty is an ex-primary school leader, he has been named twice by the Independent on Sunday as one of the ‘101 most influential U.K. LGBT figures’ and he was named as one of the Top 100 Global Leaders in Diversity and Inclusion.

Celebrating Difference is an inspirational guide for LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools. The opening of the book details the difficulties Shaun faced growing up, with a lack of role models, open dialogue about diverse identities and homophobic bullying at school in the 1980s. The remainder of the text is a handbook for how individuals can facilitate cultural and organisation change, featuring enquiry questions, case studies and testimonials from people who have used Shaun’s methods in their classrooms.

The book serves to tackle internal biases and prejudices in an intersectional manner, and is relevant to contemporary discussions of race and broader concepts of human diversity.


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