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Meddwl Mawr
Meddwl Mawr

Engaging with research can play an important role in helping you develop your own ideas and practice as an education professional. That’s why we’ve started Meddwl Mawr, a book and journal club designed to support you on your professional learning journey.

We’ll be publishing regular recommendations on this page covering a range of interesting topics, pointing you to some of the great content available on your free online library.

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Your recommendations

June 2024

Focusing and Calming Games for Children: Mindfulness Strategies and Activities to Help Children to Relax, Concentrate and Take Control. By Deborah M. Plummer

Focusing and Calming Games for ChildrenThis engaging book offers a practical guide to incorporating mindful play into the classroom, promoting the wellbeing of children and young people by enhancing their awareness of both their inner and outer worlds. The first half of the book provides a theoretical and practical foundation for facilitating mindfulness through play. The latter half focuses more on icebreakers, games and activities.

Ideas and concepts are presented with an open and adaptable approach, encouraging educators to mindfully integrate the games into their practice. The straightforward methodology and emphasis on play mean that the book is accessible for practitioners. The activities are particularly well suited to group settings, making the book an invaluable resource for those interested in fostering mindfulness amongst children and young people.


The Early Years Movement Handbook: A Principles-Based Approach to Supporting Young Children’s Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing. By Dr Lala Manners

Early years movement handbookMovement is vital for early learners, and Dr. Manners thoroughly outlines its importance for physical development in a structured and accessible format. This book offers practical, straightforward advice for both experienced practitioners and students, blending theoretical perspectives with practical applications. Dr. Manners uses eight core principles to elucidate the central role of physical activity and play in shaping the development of children and young people. Throughout the book, readers will find practical frameworks, activities, ideas, and rationales that highlight the significance of movement. This handbook is an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding the crucial role of physical activity in early childhood development.

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