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Professional Learning Passport
Professional Learning Passport

The Professional Learning Passport (PLP) is a flexible online tool that is available to all registrants.

Your PLP is packed with features that are designed to support you to capture, reflect upon, share, and plan your learning with the ultimate aim of improving your practice. We all have different ways of learning and the PLP has been designed to meet a wide range of needs.

Your PLP belongs to you. It is confidential and portable. As long as you’re registered with us, you will have access to any content you have created in your PLP.

Accessing your PLP

Your PLP is available via your MyEWC online account. Our short guide sets out how to create and access your online account. If you have any difficulties accessing your PLP, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 029 2046 0099.

Capturing your experiences

Your working days are full of different experiences, many of which are often learning experiences that can trigger you to consider and potentially alter your practice. These could be part of your normal day to day routine, a discussion with colleagues or attending formal training. Your PLP is can help you frame these experiences.

You may already have lots of information saved in different places and in different formats. You can add all of this quickly and easily to your PLP either by using the upload tool in your PLP, or using the app, Pebblepocket which is available for both Android and Apple devices. Our short guide shows you the features of the app, and how to access it.

You can also connect your PLP to external services like Google Drive or Dropbox and access and use the files you’ve already saved there.

Reflecting on your experiences

Reflection is the opportunity to stop and think about your experiences, gain value from them and use them to influence your learning, development and future practice.

Templates are available in your PLP that have been structured to take you through the reflective cycle process by asking a series of questions or prompts, allowing you to review the impact of your learning on your practice and then revisit it at a later date.

Your PLP also allows you to share your experiences, work collaboratively and have professional dialogues with your peers.

Professional standards

Within your PLP you will find the professional standards for school and further education (FE) teachers, school and FE learning support workers and work-based learning practitioners.

Your PLP allows you take any item which you have either created or added to your PLP and map this to the relevant professional standards.

Anything you map to the standards will appear summarised in your standards workbook which is available on the dashboard of your PLP. When mapping evidence against the standards you can complete a self-assessment of your progress against that standard using the slider bar option. The standards overview page will give you a visual representation of your progress against your standards. You’ll be able to clearly see your areas of strength and development.

Using the PLP to enhance your practice

We have developed a series of short videos to show the benefits of using the PLP to support your professional development. More information is also available in the relevant registration categories below.

Interested? Book your free demonstration!

We are happy to visit your organisation to give your staff a demonstration of the PLP and showcase how its functionality and versatility can benefit you, your colleagues and institution. If you would like to book a demonstration please complete our online booking form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you’re interested in evidence-informed practice, your PLP gives you access to EBSCO, the world’s largest full-text research database for education professionals covering all levels of education and specialities.