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Practitioners trained outside Wales
Practitioners trained outside Wales

If you trained as a school teacher outside Wales, you can apply for recognition as a school teacher eligible to practise in Wales.

If your application is successful, we will confirm your recognition as a qualified school teacher. You will then be able to apply to register with us in the school teacher category.

You need to be recognised as a qualified school teacher, and be registered with us to work as a school teacher in Wales.

Qualified teachers who gained QTS in England

Your qualified teacher status (QTS) awarded in England is automatically recognised in Wales if you:

  • completed your initial teacher training in England at an accredited institution
  • have been assessed by an accredited institution in England
  • have followed an employment based teacher training scheme in England

Qualified FE teachers recognised as qualified school teachers in England

If you’re a qualified FE teacher recognised as a qualified school teacher by the Teaching Regulation Agency in England, you are not recognised as a qualified school teacher in Wales. This means you cannot apply for recognition or registration as a school teacher. This includes if you’re a qualified FE teacher with Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS).

Apply for recognition

Once we have assessed your application, we will email you the outcome on the email address used to submit your application, unless you have told us otherwise.