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Period Poverty Sir Gar
Period Poverty Sir Gar
  • Category: Education, Health and Wellbeing, Period Poverty Sir Gar

Quality Mark Logo All 3 LevelsOrganisation: Carmarthenshire Youth Support Service

Project: Period Poverty Sir Gar

Contacts: Heulwen O Callaghan/Sian Morgan




The aim of the project is to raise awareness of Period Poverty and to overcome the stigma related to this issue. To provide products to schools and community groups across Carmarthenshire to try to ensure that products are free, accessible and available regardless of location.

YOUNG PEOPLE identified Period poverty as an issue within Carmarthenshire as a result of Mark Your Mark ballots. Subgroup established and gained support of elected members. YOUNG PEOPLE campaigned, publicised, got local and national business on board and were responsible for marketing. The project was launched in Youth Council AGM.

Once the project was established a Welsh Government grant followed and has been a vital support in sustaining the project.

Consultation with schools was conducted to find out what products were needed/preferred by YOUNG PEOPLE.
YOUNG PEOPLE were involved and became responsible for commissioning of products as a result of consultation.
YOUNG PEOPLE were central to decision making processes and distribution of products.
YOUNG PEOPLE designed marketing materials and wrote correspondence with support of youth workers.

From the feedback received the products used were changed the following year.

The project had an impact on young people by increasing their confidence through learning how to network and conduct themselves in a meeting with professionals, elected members, and company representative.

They further learned about the processes involved in project design, development, implementation and evaluation. About tendering process. They have gained a sense of achievement in raising awareness of Period Poverty as an issue in trying to breakdown the stigma related to this.

The project has raised the profile of the Youth Council, Children’s Rights and participation within the Local Authority and Wider afield within the community.

The project was bilingual and addressed issues of equality and human rights and broke down barriers and the taboo related to issues of period poverty.

Project is ongoing and continues to go from strength to strength with continued funding allocated via WG on an annual basis.