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New framework to support FE, WBL, and adult learning practitioners
New framework to support FE, WBL, and adult learning practitioners

A new professional learning and development framework for practitioners in further education (FE), work-based learning (WBL), and adult learning has been launched by Welsh Government.

The framework brings together a range of advice, guidance, and tools to support practitioners on their professional learning journey, including:

  • updated professional standards for FE teachers, WBL practitioners and adult learning practitioners
  • new professional standards for FE and WBL support staff
  • an interactive tool that allows you to explore what the standards might look like at different levels of practice - exploring, embedding and transforming

The resource has been developed in response to findings from the Post-16 Professional Learning Scoping Study (commissioned by the Welsh Government), much of which focussed on the need for such a framework to bring the various aspects of professional learning together.

Announcing the launch, Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles said “I’m pleased to launch the professional development hub, which will bring together information and guidance on everything from the initial qualifications needed, to how to progress a career in the post-16 sector. These standards provide a blueprint for excellence. They are not simply the Welsh Government’s standards. They belong to the workforce – written by the sector, driven by the sector.”

The framework has been funded by the Welsh Government, and developed by the Education Workforce Council (EWC) in collaboration with the FE, WBL, and adult learning sectors.

Hayden Llewellyn, EWC Chief Executive said “The release of this framework follows extensive collaboration and engagement with the sector, shaping the content and seeking the views and feedback of those it is intended to support.

“As the independent, professional regulator for the education workforce in Wales, we are committed to maintaining professionalism and enhancing standards amongst our registrants. These resources are an essential tool in helping to achieve this and will no doubt continue to evolve and develop over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of those working in post-16 education.”

All of the resources can be found on the Educators Wales website.