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EWC statement on fees 2024/25 – a message for registrants
EWC statement on fees 2024/25 – a message for registrants

Under legislation, the annual fee for those required to register with the EWC is £46, regardless of registration category. This makes EWC registration fees amongst the lowest of any profession across the UK and worldwide, having not risen since we were established in 2015, despite significant increases in costs.

Up to and including the 2023/24 registration period, Welsh Government has provided each registrant with a contribution towards their annual fee, known as a subsidy. This has meant individuals have actually paid either £15 or £45 per year to register, depending on their registration category.

The current financial picture in Wales means that Welsh Government is having to make some difficult funding decisions. We have been informed that they will not be providing the subsidy of the registration fee for the 2024/25 financial year.

We understand the financial impact this may have on you. As such, the EWC has agreed to cover the loss in contribution to our registrants for one year, using reserves, meaning that the fee individuals pay to register will remain unchanged for 2024/25.

We must stress this is not a sustainable long-term option. We are only in a position to do this during 2024/25 as a result of the reduction in expenditure we, and many organisations, experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an independent, professional regulator, we are expected to maintain adequate reserves to cover running costs and contractual obligations should anything unforeseen happen. This is to ensure we are able to continue to deliver an effective and efficient service regulating in the public interest to safeguard learners and young people.

We will continue to share updates on this matter with our registrants and stakeholders as they become available.