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EWC issues its response to proposed Welsh Government changes
EWC issues its response to proposed Welsh Government changes

The Education Workforce Council (EWC) has published its response to a Welsh Government consultation which proposes changes to education regulation in Wales.

The consultation, which closed on 21 November 2023, suggests adding two new categories to the list of those required to register with the EWC; senior managers and principals working in further education (FE) institutions, and practitioners of community-based adult learning. It also proposes the introduction of minimum qualifications for those working as FE teachers and community-based adult learning practitioners.

In its response, the EWC was supportive of both proposals having previously highlighted gaps in legislation.

Currently, adult learning practitioners based with Welsh Government funded work-based learning providers are required to register, but not those based in local authorities or the community.  Similarly, headteachers and senior leaders in schools are currently required to be registered, but not those in FE institutions.

Publishing the response on behalf of the EWC, Hayden Llewellyn, Chief Executive said “We are pleased that Welsh Government are taking steps to close the anomalies that currently exist in the legislation and welcome further discussions on a small number that remain.

“Registration and minimum qualifications are common practice in regulated professions. The proposed changes in this consultation will help bring our education workforce more in line with others across not just Wales, but the world”.

The response is available to read in full on the EWC’s website.