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Defnyddia Dy Gymraeg (Use your Welsh)
Defnyddia Dy Gymraeg (Use your Welsh)

The Education Workforce Council (EWC) has joined other organisations across Wales in taking part in the Defnyddia Dy Gymraeg (Use your Welsh) campaign.

The campaign, spearheaded by the Welsh Language Commissioner, is a call to action for organisations and individuals to embrace and utilise the Welsh language in their daily interactions. Be that at home, at work, when socialising, and when using services.  

Hayden Llewellyn, Chief Executive of the EWC said “As a fully bilingual organisation operating in Wales, we recognise the cultural richness and significance of the Welsh language.

“For those looking to access our services, we make it a priority that our information, support, and resources can be accessed seamlessly in both Welsh and English.

“As an employer, we aim to create an inclusive environment that respects and celebrates the linguistic diversity of our staff, encouraging them to use their Welsh throughout their working day”.

As a public sector organisation, the EWC is required to comply with a number of Welsh language standards. You can read the latest annual monitoring report on the website which provides information on their compliance and outlines how have implemented the standards.

For further information on the bilingual services the EWC offers, visit the website.