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Sgwrsio with the EWC – Diversifying Wales’ education workforce
Sgwrsio with the EWC – Diversifying Wales’ education workforce

The Education Workforce Council (EWC) has released its latest episode of Sgwrsio with the EWC.

In this special episode to celebrate Black History Month, host and EWC Chief Executive Hayden Llewellyn is joined by representatives from across Wales’ education sector to discuss the current picture in terms of diversity in Welsh education. The group talk about the importance of representation and role models, and the steps we can take to improve diversity, from grass root level, to leadership.

One of the guests taking part was Aminur Rahman representing Educators Wales. Funded by Welsh Government and delivered by the EWC, the service brings together career, training, and job opportunities within Wales’ education sector into one, easy to access location. 

Following the recording, Aminur said “I meet individuals everyday who are interested in joining the education workforce, but feel they won’t fit in – because of their culture, ethnicity, background, or previous experiences. Wales needs more diverse role models to reassure these people and show them what is possible.”

Working closely with partner organisations, Educators Wales plans and delivers targeted recruitment activity to attract more people into the sector from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Other guests in this episode include Chantelle Haughton and Leon Andrews (DARPL), Yusuf Ibrahim (Cardiff and Vale College), and Loren Henry (Urban Circle Newport).

‘Sgwrsio with the EWC’ is available now via the EWC website, or your favourite podcast provider.

Links to support or resources mentioned in the episode are available on the podcast’s .