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New research paper showcasing the benefits of reflective practice
New research paper showcasing the benefits of reflective practice

The Education Workforce Council (EWC) and the National Association for Educational Leadership (NAEL) is pleased to announce the release of a jointly commissioned research paper, "Leading Reflective Practice – Reviewing the Evidence".

Authored by Professor Carol Campbell and Maeva Ceau from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, the paper offers an in-depth review exploring the concept of reflective practice, its significant impacts on education, and the leadership practices that support and encourage it. It also highlights policies, frameworks, and professional learning opportunities that foster reflective practice, with a focus on the Welsh education system.

It is intended that the research will help inform and support EWC registrants to comply with the key principles within the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice which centre around professional knowledge, understanding, and learning.

Commenting particularly on Wales’ “well-developed national framework for reflective practice”, Campbell and Caeu noted the importance of establishing and maintaining tools and resources to support and scaffold effective reflective practice.

Launching the paper, Bethan Holliday-Stacey, Director of Professional Development, Accreditation and Policy at the EWC said, “This research is essential reading for all educators who are committed to ongoing professional development and the pursuit of excellence in education. It provides a detailed analysis of reflective practice, supported by robust evidence, and offers practical strategies and tools that can be implemented in all educational settings.

“One such tool noted in the paper is the Professional Learning Passport (PLP). Funded by Welsh Government and delivered by us here at the EWC, the PLP is a flexible, bilingual tool which allows users to confidentially record and share both formal, and informal professional learning experiences.

“We invite all of our registrants to download the paper to gain a deeper understanding of how reflective practice can be integrated into their professional routines, and transform their day-to-day practices.”

Tegwen Ellis, Chief Executive of the National Academy for Educational Leadership said, “I am delighted that Professor Campbell has produced such a comprehensive report on the importance of reflective practice for all educators and I particularly welcome the focus on leadership.

“Our leaders play a key role in creating a culture of reflective practice within organisations - by explaining its importance and linking it to overall school improvement and, ultimately, to outcomes for learners.

“Leaders also need to reflect on their own practice and the report provides a useful way for leaders to think in fresh ways about how they approach that.”

Professor Carol Campbell will also be hosting a joint EWC Masterclass and NAEL Leadership Unlocked event in June to delve deeper into the findings within the paper and to lead a discussion on professional learning and educational improvement. Registration for this event is free and open to all EWC registrants and wider education stakeholders.

An executive summary is available to read alongside the full research paper, on the EWC’s website.