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EWC lays out its plans for the future
EWC lays out its plans for the future

The Education Workforce Council (EWC) has published its Strategic Plan 2024-27 and Strategic Equality Plan (SEP) 2024-28.

The two documents detail how the independent, professional regulator for the education workforce in Wales will deliver its core statutory functions effectively, efficiently, and sustainably, ensuring equality and fairness throughout.

Included within the Strategic Plan 2024-27 are the EWC’s priorities and objectives for the next three-years in-line with its statutory role and remit. It also reinforces the EWC’s vision to be a trusted, independent, professional regulator, that works in the public interest to maintain professionalism and enhance standards within the education workforce in Wales.

Closely aligned to this, the SEP seeks to build upon progress achieved to date, and explains how the EWC will work to promote equality and diversity through five ambitious strategic objectives.

Launching both plans, EWC Chief Executive, Hayden Llewellyn, said “With over 90,000 education practitioners now registered with us, it’s essential our priority continues to be robust registration and regulation.  

“However, these plans go further. They detail how we will continue to promote careers in the education workforce through initiatives such as Educators Wales, provide guidance and resources to our registrants, and maintain and further strengthen our presence on key national groups and committees, providing sound advice and evidence.

“These plans are the result of extensive collaboration, consultation, and reflection, and clearly outline our vision for the future, highlighting key objectives and initiatives that will guide our efforts.”

These plans were developed in consultation with registrants, stakeholders across the wider education sector, the public, and EWC Council members and staff.

They are available to read on the EWC’s website alongside a full suite of corporate documents.

Video: Hayden Llewellyn, Chief Executive of EWC, launches EWC's Strategic Plan for 2024-2027