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Education Workforce Council privacy information

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On behalf of the Welsh Government the EWC is responsible for the development and hosting of the Professional Learning Passport (PLP). In order to develop the PLP we have partnered with Pebblepad Learning Ltd.

The PLP is a cloud based storage facility which provides our registrants with the space to plan, record and reflect upon their professional development. Users of the PLP will have access to any information added to the system for the duration of their registration with EWC. If registration with EWC lapses users are able to extract their data from their PLP, further information on the PLP retention schedule is available here.

The PLP is used to host the online Induction Profile which is completed by all Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). It is also used to support professional learning programmes delivered by key stakeholders including the ALN programme, National Masters in Education and regional education consortia professional learning pathway programmes. Use of the PLP has also been extended to those who in Wales who are currently studying for a PGCE, PCET or Youth Work qualification.

Where we obtain your information

Access to the PLP is via our existing Eservices facility. It is the responsibility of the individual to create their Eservices online account in order to access their PLP and it is a requirement that the user is either:

  • Registered with EWC in one or more registrant category
  • Trainee practitioner, studying for a either a PGCE, PCET or Youth Work qualification in Wales

When creating an online account users are asked to enter the following information: email address, teacher reference number (TRN) or National Insurance (NI) number. This ensures only those who are eligible to access our Eservices and the PLP are able to do so.

The PLP is used to support a number of professional learning programmes and it is a requirement that the participant has a PLP account to access the relevant workbook. The organiser of the programme may provide us with the details of those participating so we can create the Eservices account on behalf of the user. We will use the information provided to check the Register of Education Practitioners to ensure the participant is eligible to access the PLP. Once the necessary checks have been undertaken, if required we will then create the Eservices account. The account username will be set as either the TRN, or NI number, the account holder will be responsible for creating a password for their account via the usual account set up process.

If PLP access is required for those who are not eligible to register with us e.g. University Tutors who are providing mentoring support to those studying for a qualification the users details will be provided to us by the Institution for an online account to be created.

What personal information we collect

The data we hold about you to provide access to the PLP will depend upon if the user is a EWC registrant, or student accessing the PLP

EWC registrant, the following data is held on the register:

  • Full name
  • Teacher Reference Number
  • National Insurance number
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact details including home address, email address and telephone number
  • Employment details, including current and historical data
  • Qualification details
  • Details regarding EWC registration status, including current and historical data

Trainee Practitioner:

  • Full name
  • Teacher Reference Number
  • National Insurance number
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact details including home address, email address and telephone number
  • Qualification details, including details of institution where studying, and course being undertaken
  • Details of any other EWC registration categories held, if applicable

How we use your information

The information provided for the creation of Eservices accounts will be held on the Register of Education Practitioners which is provided by MillerTech Ltd. Data relating to account passwords is held on MillerTech servers. For further information on MillerTechs privacy policy click here.

Information entered into your PLP cannot be accessed by others unless you decide to share it. When sharing information from your PLP you have the rights to control how the recipient can use the information you have shared. All information which you enter into your PLP is held securely on Pebblepads servers. For further information on how Pebblepad use your data click here.

If you are a NQT undertaking statutory induction, we will provide your Induction Mentor, and or External Verifier with access to your Induction Profile in your PLP so they can provide you with mentoring support for the duration of your induction period.

If you are using a workbook in your PLP whilst participating in a professional learning programme we may provide access to your workbook to either a University Tutor, or a colleague in your organisation who is providing you with mentoring support. Access will only be provided to the relevant workbook in your PLP and will only be for the duration of the professional learning programme you are participating in.

We are required to provide Welsh Government and other key stakeholders with statistical data on PLP usage. When producing and sharing data we ensure that individuals cannot be identified and any data is shared securely according to our Data Sharing Policy.

Why our use of your personal data is lawful

The main legal basis we rely on to process personal data is article 6(1)(e) of the UK GDPR, which allows us to process personal data when this is necessary to perform our public tasks as a regulator.