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Education Workforce Council privacy information

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Under the Education Workforce Council (Accreditation of Initial Teacher Training) Additional Functions) Order 2017, we have a statutory responsibility to:

  • accredit programmes of Initial Teacher Education (ITE)
  • monitor compliance of accredited programmes against Welsh Government criteria
    withdraw accreditation of programmes

The Educators Wales team provides a recruitment, advocacy and support service. They support the delivery of events or promotional activities and Educators WalesPersonal data is processed to:

  • Support Board Members
  • ITE Events
  • Educators Wales

Where we obtain your information

The information we hold is collected through a variety of methods including:

  • registration for events
  • consent forms for promotions activities
  • Educators Wales website (see the privacy policy)

What personal information we collect

In support of Board Members personal details held include full name and contact details (home address, personal e-mail and contact telephone number), a register of interests and evidence of employment status (for financial purposes). Contact details are held to ensure members are sent meeting details or applicable circulations, any relevant papers and for operational and business continuity reasons.

For ITE events the EWC may commission photography and/or filming at events for use in its internal and external promotional material. Staff, participating guests and attendees may therefore appear on the resulting images.

Data Protection laws state that images (in this contest meaning photographs and/or films) of identifiable individuals count as personal data, however it is not always simple to determine if an image contains personal data. As there is no numerical definition of a crowd, professional judgement is required. Where the photograph is of a crowd it is unlikely to contain personal data as individuals will not be identifiable and therefore data protection laws are unlikely to apply.

How we use your information

The purpose of ITE events is to bring the sector together to share the research activity that is taking place in and with the ITE partnerships across Wales, to listen and learn from the experiences of teachers and researchers and begin to develop a national research culture for teacher education. Events are sometimes filmed or recorded with the aim to share with those unable to attend on EWC website and social media.

Photography / filming will take place with the aim to share with those unable to attend via the EWC website and social media.

The resulting images (photographs / films) may be published in print, electronically and on the internet / intranet, including on the EWC’s social media accounts. It is possible for people to share posts from social media or save images from the EWC social media accounts and re-use them. We keep the photography / filming for as long as it is necessary and useful for the core business purposes. When this time has been reached, the photography / filming is securely destroyed.

Why our use of your personal data is lawful

The Education (Wales) Act 2014 (and any subsequent amendments) and associated regulations/legislation, sets out our functions and the information we may hold. We process your personal information so that we can provide services for you, carry out public functions (public task), and comply with applicable laws and regulations (legal obligation). The main legal basis we rely on to process personal data is article 6(1)(e) of the UK GDPR, which allows us to process personal data when this is necessary to perform our public tasks as a regulator.

As recommended by the supervisory body, the ICO, EWC is using the lawful basis of ‘legitimate interests’ for photos including people during events. Legitimate interests means we need to process the personal information to fulfil our objectives, we believe it will not adversely affect you and we think you would expect it. Where the lawful basis is legitimate interests or contract, people will not be asked for their consent. However, the EWC must make reasonable efforts to inform people that photography / filming is taking place. Notices (for example via email / Eventbrite / posters etc.) will be published to indicate that photography / filming is taking place. If the lawful basis is legitimate interests, people have the right not to appear in an identifiable way in photography / filming and can arrange for this by contacting the event organiser or the Data Protection Officer ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). However if there is no way to ensure that the person will not appear in the photography whilst at the event, it may result in the person choosing not to attend the event.
Can I opt-out of being photographed or filmed?

You have the legal right to request to ‘opt-out’ of appearing in a photo / film if the lawful basis is legitimate interests. Examples of how to opt-out include:

  • reading signage to place yourself in a photography free zone (e.g. when photography is taking place in a lecture theatre).
  • choosing to stand out of shot. If the shot encompasses a wide area you may choose leave the whole area.
  • choosing not to attend the event.
  • asking the photographer not to include them.
  • the photographer asking you whether you are willing to be in a photo and asking you to step out of shot if you are not.

External Photographers/videographers are used for some events for which the EWC is the data controller. The resulting images (photographs / films) may be published in print, electronically and on the internet / intranet, including on the EWC social media accounts.