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Education workforce statistics

The EWC is an important data hub for information about registrants in schools and further education institutions. Our Register (the Register) of education practitioners holds a lot of unique data about the education workforce in Wales. As well as producing an annual Statistic Digest, we also produce specific analyses of the Register.

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Stats Digest 2017 EWCThe 2017 Statistics Digest can be viewed here

Some interesting facts - did you know..?

Based on those registered with the EWC on the 1 March 2017.

  • 89% of school learning support workers and 75% of school teachers in Wales are female. In FE, 59% of FE teachers and 67% of FE learning support workers are female;

  • The FE workforce is more mature than that of school teachers. 59% of FE teachers and 51% of FE learning support workers are age 45 years or over compared with 39% of teachers and 41% of learning support workers in schools;

  • the percentage of Welsh speaking registered school teachers (33%) exceeds the percentage of Welsh speakers living in Wales (23%); (Welsh Government Welsh Language Use Survey 2013/14) and the 19% able to speak Welsh in Wales (2011 Census);

  • Only 0.2% of registered school teachers have declared a disability in line with the Equality Act 2010.

If you are interested in finding out more click here for the current edition of the Annual Statistics Digest 2017.

Previous editions of this publication since 2002 are available to download here.

Further stand-alone analyses will be published over the coming months so look out for press releases, briefing meetings and twitter updates nearer the time.

DateTopic AreaTitle


School Learning Support workers An analysis of registered school learning support workers (including supply)
Supply School Teachers An analysis of registered supply school teachers
November 2015 School Teachers Data analyses from the EWC Register of Education Practitioners split by the four regional consortia
November 2015 Further education teachers An analysis of EWC registered further education teachers in Wales
Supply School Teachers An analysis of registered supply teachers 2014
Supply School teachers Supply teacher survey, summary report
February 2014 Comparison of NQTs aged under 25 and those 25 and over Statistical analyses of newly qualified registered teachers focusing on career changers
February 2014 Teacher working in Welsh medium or English medium schools Comparison of teachers working in Welsh medium and English medium primary and secondary schools
December 2013 QTS Awards under European Directive 2005/36 GTCW data analysis of teachers recognised with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) under European Directive 2005/36
October 2013 Headteachers in Wales An analysis of registered headteachers in Wales including cross tabulation analysing more than one data field
October 2013 NPQH holders in Wales An analysis of NPQH holders in Wales
December 2012 Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) An Analysis of teachers completing the GTP between 1st April 2011 and 31st December 2012
December 2012 Employment tracking of NQTs five years after gaining QTS An analysis of teachers who trained in Wales gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) on 1st August 2007 and their current employment description 5 years after qualification
November 2012 Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers and Assistant Headteachers An analysis of headteachers, deputy headteachers and assistant headteachers November 2012
November 2012 The length of time taken to complete the statutory Induction period Induction analysis for teachers who gained QTS between 1st August 2006 and 31st July 2007

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