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All EWC registrants have free access to the EBSCO Education Source package and the eBook Education collection.

The Education Source package provides the world’s largest and most complete scholarly research and information collection which allows all our registrants to stay in touch with current research in education and pedagogy. It provides registrants with access to over 4,500 resources including:

  • Full text for over 2,000 journals as well as separate indexing and abstracts of journals
  • Full text for more than 550 books and monographs
  • Full text for more than 2,000 education-related conference papers
  • Citations for over four million articles, including book reviews.

The eBook Education Collection features more than 4,000 quality e-books supporting the education discipline. Titles range from introductory texts to more complex and detailed works. Also included are support materials for those working in education from the Foundation Phase to post 16 and work-based learning and informal education, covering topics from curriculum building to student behaviour.

How to access EBSCO

  • log into your Professional Learning Passport
  • click on the Help and resources tile.
  • In the list of resources available, you’ll see an EBSCO tile.
    Follow the link to access yourEBSCO account - click on the Sign In option on the blue menu bar at the top of the EBSCO web-page