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ITE reform in Wales

In his March 2015 reportTeaching Tomorrow’s Teachers, Professor John Furlong made a series of recommendations to the Welsh Government about the future of initial teacher education (ITE) in Wales. Under the Education Workforce Council (Accreditation of Initial Teacher Training) Additional Functions) Order 2017, EWC has a statutory responsibility to:

  • accredit programmes of Initial Teacher Education (ITE)
  • monitor compliance of accredited programmes against Welsh Government criteria
  • withdraw accreditation of programmes

As well as Professor Furlong’s report, a wide variety of research and reports helped shape the future vision of ITE Wales:

Placing accountability on the professional body the Education Workforce Council (EWC) to accredit individual ITE programmes, will enable more specific consideration of how the programmes will raise the quality of provision and attract the right people with the right skills, qualifications and an aptitude for teaching to enter the profession. Estyn’s role in relation to ITE will continue with some modifications to current procedures. All ITE partnerships will be subject to a full inspection during the accreditation cycle as well as an annual visit and report to the EWC Board.