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log short term supply sessions

This section is only relevant to NQTs completing induction whilst undertaking short term supply work. If a period of short term supply becomes a regular or longer term arrangement, regardless of whether the employment is on a supply basis, the steps in the induction funding section of this website will need to be completed.

This section provides step by step information to ensure that:

  • a central accurate record of sessions completed by NQTs undertaking induction whilst working as short-term supply teachers is maintained;
  • an external verifier is allocated to support the NQT upon receipt of the Induction as a Short Term Supply Teacher Notification Form;
  • all relevant parties have access to the NQT’s online induction profile.

Steps 1 and 3 from the relevant section of the Induction – funding, tracking and recording arrangements document have been summarised below for quick reference. Relevant parties must also familiarise themselves with the full information provided in the EWC’s document Induction – funding, tracking and recording arrangement .

Step 1

Initial notification

Body/individuals responsible


What action?

Complete the:

  Induction as a Short-Term Supply Teacher Notification Form .

By when?

Once it has been established that you will be undertaking induction as a short term supply teacher but at the very latest within 10 working days of the commencement of a period of induction.

To where?

The Professional Development and Funding Team at the EWC.

The form can be returned by post, fax or via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Step 3

On receipt of the Induction as a Short Term Supply Teacher Notification Form

Body/individuals responsible

The consortium or the EWC at the request of the consortium

What action?

Allocate an external verifier to support the NQT; the NQT will be notified of this allocation via their EWC account/web based facility.

By when?

Usually within 10 working days of notification or on receipt of the confirmation from the consortium.


Other important information

The EWC maintains a record of the number of sessions that have been completed by NQTs towards their induction in order to assist all parties to keep track of this information.

It is important to note, however, that NQTs are required to keep a verified record of their induction sessions in the record of attendance section of the induction profile (which should be maintained off-line and uploaded to the online profile in line with the required timescales).

The Welsh Government has information aimed specifically at supply teachers on Learning Wales. The pages provide supply teachers with information and signposting to resources and organisations to support their work and own development: 



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