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What is Induction?
What is Induction?


Funded by the Welsh GovernmentAll newly qualified teachers (NQTs) who gained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) on or from the 1st April 2003 onwards are required to complete a statutory Induction period in Wales. The Induction period is a supportive process which will provide NQTs with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge which they will build upon for the duration of their teaching career. During the Induction period NQTs are required to demonstrate how their teaching practice meets the Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership.

NQTs undertaking Induction within a school will receive the support of an Induction Mentor (IM) who is usually based in the same school as the NQT. All NQTs undertaking Induction will be allocated an External Verifier (EV) who will work with the IM to provide high quality mentoring and supervision.

Requirements of Induction

To undertake Induction in Wales, NQTs must hold QTS and must be registered with the us in the category of school teacher. Any periods of employment undertaken prior to registration in the correct category cannot count towards Induction. Click here to apply for registration.

The Induction period is three school terms, or the equivalent. NQTs who are not employed on a full time basis, or are undertaking Induction via short term supply work must complete a minimum of 380 sessions. A session is defined as one full morning, or afternoon in a school. Only periods of employment where the NQT is employed as a qualified teacher can count towards Induction. Any periods of employment undertaken whilst employed as a school learning support worker/cover supervisor cannot count towards Induction.

For more information on undertaking Induction in Wales, please refer to the Welsh Government guidance document ‘Induction for newly qualified teachers in Wales

Our role in the Induction process

On behalf of the Welsh Government, we are responsible for a number of administrative activities associated with the Induction programme including:

  • maintaining a central source of data for teachers undertaking Induction, including employment details as they progress through Induction, a record of their IM and EV and a record of the induction sessions completed
  • sharing this information with others parties involved in the provision of the Induction programme. These include the NQT, IM, EV and the induction coordinator at the LA as the Appropriate Body in induction
  • administering Induction funding to schools
  • hosting and providing access to the online statutory Induction profile
  • issuing Induction certificates based upon Induction results provided by the Appropriate Body
  • hearing Induction appeals. *Guidance on the hearing of Induction appeals can be found in the Fitness to Practise section of this website

The EWC's guidance document Induction - funding tracking and recording arrangements sets out the actions required by all parties to ensure EWC is able to fulfil these responsibilities.

Timescales for the completion of induction

NQTs who gained qualified teacher status (QTS) on, or after 1 April 2003, and prior to 7 November 2022 and have not yet started or who have started but not completed induction, will have five years from 7 November 2022 in which to complete induction.

NQTs who gain QTS from 7 November 2022 onwards, will have five years from the date QTS is awarded to complete induction.

If a NQT is unable to complete induction within the required timescales, the Appropriate Body (AB) does have discretion to extend the time limit for the completion of induction for those who have, and haven’t started induction where it is satisfied that there are good reasons for doing so, and the NQT is in agreement. Further information is available in the Welsh Government guidance ‘Induction for newly qualified teachers in Wales’.