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As a regulator, one of our core functions is to investigate and hear allegations that might call into question a registrant's fitness to practise. 

Our  second Fitness to Practise Annual Report  sets out how we have undertaken this work to safeguard the interests of learners, parents and the public.

Report highlights

Cases concluded

In 2015, legislation reconfigured the GTCW as the Education Workforce Council (EWC) and expanded the Register of Education Practitioners to include not just school teachers but also, further education teachers (2015), support staff in schools and colleges (2016), work-based learning practitioners, youth workers and youth support workers (2017).  As expected, since the registration of all seven groups was completed in 2017, we have seen a year on year rise in cases concluded.

85% of cases were concluded within 8 months and, on average, they were concluded within 4.7 months.


Whilst the education workforce in Wales is female dominated (79%), our report shows that gender distribution in our casework this year was almost equal (50.5% male and 49.5% female), with 40 to 49 year olds being the most common age bracket.


There is a variation in the number of referrals from each registrant group / sector, with the EWC receiving proportionately more referrals during 2019-20 from the FE and WBL sectors compared to the school sector. 

Referral source

Most referrals are made by employers year on year. However, the percentage split has changed this year following a 10% rise in police referrals.

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