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Registration categories and information on application fee

When submitting an application for registration you are required to pay an application fee (see below). Once our assessment of your application for registration has been completed, and if registration is granted, you will be emailed a confirmation of registration confirming the categories that have been applied to your record.

Cost Category of registration Cost Category of registration

School Teacher (you must hold QTS – more info)

FE Teacher

Work Based Learning Practitioner

Youth Worker (mandatory qualifications)


School Learning Support Worker

FE Learning Support Worker

Youth Support Worker (mandatory qualifications)

The fees are payable every financial year (1 April – 31 March).

If you are registered in more than one category, for example, FE teacher and FE learning support worker, then you will only pay one fee. However, you will pay the highest fee of the two categories. The fee is the same whether you work full or part time.

All registered practitioners must pay an annual registration fee. The fee is due by the 31 March each year and is set by the Welsh Government. Your employer will deduct the fee from your salary at the end of March every year. If you are not in contracted employment and your fee is not paid by your employer, then you need to pay us directly. You can do this by visiting this page or by calling us on 029 2046 0099.

You can read more about the benefits of registration here.