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Recognition as a qualified school teacher in Wales


The Education Workforce Council (EWC) is responsible for the notification of award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) for school teachers in Wales, on behalf of the Welsh Government.

The main ways to gain QTS in Wales are as follows:

  • completion of a course of teacher training at an accredited institution in Wales; (see for the details of training providers in Wales). 

    If you completed your initial teacher training in England, you’ll be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) by the Teacher Training Agency. This route to QTS is recognised in Wales and is verified by the EWC using the TRA database of qualified teachers;

  • completion of employment based training under the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP); (GTP programmes in Wales are managed and delivered by three regional centres of teacher training and education on behalf of the Welsh Government. Their contact details can be found at )

    The award of QTS for those undertaking the GTP is confirmed by the EWC. At the end of the programme, if the candidate has met the QTS standards, the recommending body will complete a recommendation for QTS form and submit this to the EWC to enable us to issue the candidate with a teacher reference number and a certificate confirming the award of QTS.

Please note, the following individuals are not recognised as qualified school teachers in Wales and are therefore NOT eligible for registration in the category of school teacher:

  • school teachers who trained in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA and who have been awarded QTS by the National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) in England. This recognition is NOT recognised under Welsh regulations;

    FE qualified teachers who are recognised as qualified school teachers by the NCTL and are therefore eligible to work as qualified school teachers in England only. Such individuals are NOT recognised as qualified school teachers under Welsh regulations.

  • Further education teachers who hold a post compulsory teaching qualification. Those practitioners are unable to undertake the specified work of a qualified school teacher in maintained schools in Wales (save for certain exemptions).