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Intake targets page

Welsh Government sets annual intake targets for recruiting students onto primary and secondary ITE programmes in Wales. These targets take account of estimated demand for new teachers in Wales.

Using the overall targets for primary and secondary ITE programmes, EWC allocates intake targets to each Partnership.

As well as distinguishing between targets for primary and secondary ITE programmes, targets are further divided into undergraduate and PGCE numbers. Within secondary targets, there are specific targets for each subject pathway.

In allocating targets to Partnerships, EWC takes account of factors such as:

  • the overall quality of the programme;
  • the likelihood of the programme being able to attract sufficient high quality students to meet its target numbers;
  • the sustainability of the programme;
  • the policy and priorities of Welsh Government;
  • the national ITE intake targets and regional demand analysis;
  • consideration of verified recruitment data for partnerships;
  • cohort size to enable viability and to protect the student experience.

Intake targets for ITE programmes in 2019-20 can be found here:

PDF Icon  Primary ITE intake targets

PDF Icon Secondary ITE intake targets