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The Council regulates education practitioners in Wales in the public interest.

'Regulation' means the Council is responsible for ensuring education practitioners are suitable to practise in Wales. Carrying out this work gives the public, learners and practitioners protection and confidence in the education professions. Everyone has a right to expect the highest standards of practitioners in the education of learners, particularly children and young people.

As part of its regulatory role, the Council asks every education practitioner to declare their criminal and disciplinary/regulatory history before registration.

You can find out more about how the Council ensures education practitioners are suitable for registration in Wales below.

Please note that in all circumstances, the Education Workforce Council (Main Functions)(Wales) Regulations 2015 and the Council's Registration Rules 2016 take precedence.

General information:

For general information about how the Council ensures education practitioners are suitable for registration, please click here .

Information for education practitioners:

If you are about to apply for registration, or have received a letter from the Fitness to Practise Team in relation to your application, please click here  for more information.


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