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ITE accreditation announcement
ITE accreditation announcement

29 June 2018

From September 2019, all initial teacher education (ITE) programmes in Wales must be accredited by the EWC. This new function is being carried out by the EWC through its ITE Accreditation Board, which was established in August 2017. Partnerships intending to provide ITE programmes were asked to submit programme proposals to EWC by 1 December 2017. Programme submissions were received from six partnerships across Wales.

Between January and April 2018, accreditation assessments of each programme were undertaken.

This was a rigorous process, which included committees made up of ITE Accreditation Board members hearing presentations from partnerships, followed by a robust professional dialogue, where members would raise questions in order to clarify key issues within the submission. Site visits also provided opportunities for Committee members to visit partner schools, and to meet with senior colleagues within the HEI.

Partnerships were notified of the accreditation decision on 29 June 2018. A detailed report for each programme, outlining Committee decisions against each of the accreditation criteria was also made available to partnerships. All decisions are subject to an appeals process.

Professor John Furlong, Chair of the ITE Accreditation Board, said of the process:

the accreditation process has been conducted in an open, fair and rigorous way. Moreover, it is evident that as a result of the changes to provision that are now in progress, Wales will soon have an ITE sector of which it can be proud; a sector that can provide the high quality new teachers that we need for our children and young people, now and in the future.

You can see a list of all programmes accredited by EWC, through its ITE Accreditation Board, here.

The accreditation of all programmes listed is subject to conditions.