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Educational Masterclass: the Singapore Story

Pak TeeOn 27 September the Education Workforce Council (EWC), in partnership with the National Academy for Educational Leadership (NAEL) and Swansea University, hosted an educational masterclass delivered by Singaporean educationalist Pak Tee Ng.

Presenting to over 100 leaders and senior leaders in Swansea, Pak Tee explored how Singapore’s world leading education system meets the challenges of change and how it tries to reform curriculum and pedagogy. He drew on key paradoxes and successes as well as the lessons learned along the way.

A Cambridge University graduate, Pak Tee began his career as a Mathematics teacher and has since worked for the Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Education, Singapore.

As well as gaining an insight into a highly successful education system, this event provided an opportunity for leaders and senior leaders to discuss and reflect on the changes currently under way in education in Wales.