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What strategies can I implement to improve the understanding of ALN children with number bonds to ten?

What strategies can I implement to improve the understanding of ALN children with number bonds to ten?
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Lorna Phillips teaches a year three class in a Church In Wales Primary school. After several months of teaching this class the results of a small group of children displayed little or no change in their understanding of numerical concepts. The results of this group had become a growing concern and she decided that something needed to be done to improve their understanding. This Inquiry provided the opportunity to focus on their learning and research strategies that could make a difference. She attempted to improve the development of children with additional learning needs (ALN) when understanding number bonds to ten through an Intervention. In this project, she worked with a group of six children. All ethical issues were considered when undertaking this Inquiry to ensure the children were supported and protected at all times.

The intervention involved working with this group of children, encouraging and exposing them to various strategies and resources that had been suggested in the research undertaken. She undertook a review of current literature on learning and development, additional learning needs and focused on researching difficulties in learning and retaining mathematical concepts. Also included in this investigated were her current school, local and national priorities in the teaching of mathematics. This information informed her Inquiry and assisted in developing the strategies that would be used in the Inquiry.

Various data collection devices were utilised before, during and after the Intervention. These included interviews, several testing tools, discussions and observations. Collection of both qualitative and quantitative data throughout this Inquiry assisted in methodological triangulation when analysing the data. The results of this data were not as expected but did prove a positive change had occurred in the number bonds skills of these children. Sometimes things are not always what they seem.

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